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Picket Report, Canberra, 12 Aug 1999.

Fier, Thu 12 Aug 1999

Note: text slightly reformatted for readability.

From: (Fier)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report, Canberra, 12 Aug 1999.
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 08:07:22 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Location: outside Canberra Org, Australia.
Picketers: 2, Fier and "Mr Smith"
Signs: A: "Scientology: Church of the Holy Lawsuit" and "L. Ron Hubbard
B: "Scientology hates free speech!" and "Scientology is a bait-and-switch

Well, beginning at 11:00 AM, we strolled over to outside the clam baking
centre with our signs proudly aloft, handing out leaflets - I had one I'd
made myself, explaining why we picket, listing about a dozen criminal
activities, some scientology lies exposed, and summarised Lisa Mcpherson,
ending some of our aims, like an investigation into the medical
practices/claims of the cwazy cult.  Mr Smith had Xenu and the Insane cult
flyers; all up we gave out about 150 flyers, i think, but then, we had to
hold the signs in one hand, and leaflets in the other.

About 5 times the clammies told us that they had called the police, that
because we didn't have a "registration" to picket, that the police were
going to tell us to stop.  I was laughing a bit as I repeatedly explained
we did not need any such "registration", that the police had already told
me they would be driving past a bit (for OUR safety) and that we were free
to picket as much as we wanted. 

We received an excellent response from the majority of the public walking
past..several stopped to chat, explaining their experiences with this cult,
or congratulating us that someone was doing something about them.  One
fellow whom I'd been talking happily to, was given the heavy verbal clam
treatment by a female staff member (who is, I believe, a total embarrasment
to their crummy church) She kept asking him "So, how many people have YOU
gotten off drugs??" "How many people have you helped lately?" and irelevant
questions like that.  He basically ignored the clam, pointing out how
foolishly they act.

    There was far far less slander towards me this time, which is clear
evidence they had been told off by some senior Mussel (Boss Clam) for
making such a public spectacle of themselves last time.  This was good to
see, least they were partly back in the human race again.

    I taped most of the picket on audio, for my own protection, but there
was no violence from them, like last time. 

    After an hour, they brought out some of their own signs, but I will
have to refer to the roll of film I exposed, to remember what those signs
said - nothing about me, at least, just clam propaganda.  I will scan in
the cool photo's, and send em off to Mr Gerard.

    About 15 clams made an appearance over the time we were there, not just
with the "What is Scientology" color leaflet, but a variety of promo,
including a big pile of Freedom mags. I asked em for a freedom, but then 4
of them quickly said "no, don't give him one!"  *grin* nice to know I am so
well liked.

    I placed my sign against the bus info column on the corner (where they
usually hang out - cult corner it is) to change the tape, and alas! Some
skummy bugger stole it while I was distracted.  As I didn't see who did it
(they snuck around from behind the column, no doubt), I can't do anything,
but I did stomp up into the Org, (with clams scuttling up behind loudly
explaining I was walking up the stairs - great observation people!) and
search around a bit, asking for my sign, but that was all..I left on my own
accord and they didn't even threaten me with the 'you're tresspassing!!
exterminate!' line.

    Louise came by for a short visit, which was another excuse for the
stupid clams to act themselves, namely stupid.  She was even followed when
she left 5 mins later! These Canberra clams need a dose in reality I think,
maybe they will one day wake up and realise such pathetically stupid antics
are just more reinforcement in other people's minds that SCIENTOLOGY

Around 1:30pm we decieded to leave, and I just *knew* they were going to
follow us, but patiently asked them not to, anyway.  Follow us, 2 of them
did, with their inferior signs and all.  We were talking about the fun time
had, ignoring the lunatic looking low-lifes behind us waving their
propaganda, until we were just a bit annoyed..they had followed us a good
kilometre by now (0.6 mile) and we then rang the police, explaining the
situiation.  The police said, that after we told them once more to stop,
then if they didn't, a squad car would come along and basically give these
harassing clams a reality check/ good talking to.  I told the clams the
situation, and with a few sarcastic "Oh, I am SOOO Scared!!" remarks, they
left, and we parted ways.

A most enjoyable, albeit small, picket with mucho great support from the
public, and little slander from the brainwashed zombies..I mean
"Parishoners" (Snort).
"Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat to the
  community; medically,morally and
socially." -Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the state of
  Victoria,Australia, 1965. 

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