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Australian Critics of Scientology Resource Collection

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Last updated Thu 09 Nov 2000

This site is no longer updated, but is kept up as a public resource

What's New on these pages
- if you're not sure where to start, this is a good way to get a random sample

Why this site exists
- a seven-megabyte site about Scientology, of all things? Plus others' reasons to be critics.

Local offices and organisations
- including photos

Personal stories
- people's own interactions with the Church

- print media coverage of Scientology in Australia from the late 1950s to the present, plus useful background information for reporters

Books on Scientology
- text, links and scanned pictures

Demonstrations in Australia
- for and against Scientology - includes demo leaflets and hints and tips for demonstrating

The fun stuff
- some light relief ... fairly in-jokey, but that's how it goes ;-)

Electronic media
- transcripts from TV and radio

Other links
- other Scientology-related pages, Australian and elsewhere

Legal and government opinions
- the attitudes of the authorities towards Scientology and its devotees

- stuff I haven't classified yet, and non-Australian stuff

These pages maintained by David Gerard
(SP 5, NSP 4-7, KoX, kOh, arscc.au)

Anything interesting to add to these pages? Mail me.

These pages were produced using sheer design sense and various text and image editors. Raw HTML straight out of your brain and onto the page is the all-macho way to Web, don't you know.

[The ARSCC does not exist.]

Xenu's blessings upon the hosts of this Web site:

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