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Canberra Demo against Scientology, Thu 12 Aug 1999

All pics are self-linked JPEGs.

Photos and commentary by Fier (Hemi Hill).

[ED dashing back inside - 18K JPEG]

1. "Andrew, the ED of the church, scurrying back into his little criminal centre."

[Anna holding sign - 33K JPEG]

2. "Anna Detheridge - the Div 6 psycho wench ... she is the one I have trouble being civil to, with her seriously split personality and aggressive attacking manner (the embarrasment to the church)."

[Goombaj behind two Scientologists - 14K

3. "'Mr Smith' (Goombaj) being given the hard word, is forced into amused defensive position."

[Dean Detheridge - 26K JPEG] [Goombaj and Dean - 22K JPEG]

4, 5. "Dean Detheridge - he is the one (ethics officer/slanderer) who's been in it 15+ years, married to the psycho lady, Anna." Second pic has Goombaj on the left.

[Glen - 11K JPEG]

6. "Glen - HA! I used to like this guy. He is the courseroom supervisor ... was at Flag for the Golden Age of Tech."

[Signs - 37K JPEG]

7. Signs for both sides. "The falsely presented smile of the woman to the right (Jeanette Lang, wife of word clearer) is sickening. 'I get paid 5 cents per week to smile like this!'"

[Dean and Hemi - 14.5K JPEG]

8. "There is me (Hemi), being my friendly self, next to one of the clams who followed us. 'Critic tries to befriend a sadly deluded Scientologist' or something."

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