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Melbourne Australia - Scientology Dead Agent Material from Melbourne Australia Protest

'Pat Broeker', Sun 10 Sep 1995

From: (Pat Broeker)
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Subject: Scientology Dead Agent Material from Melbourne Australia Protest
Date: 10 Sep 1995 06:27:07 GMT
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All material below this line was handed out to Melbourne protestors by
the Church of Scientology Reps.

Regarding the Church of Scientology Dear Sir or Madam, In the interests of presenting the truth about claims being made, this flier has been prepared. The Church of Scientology. What is it? The Chrurch is an international religious body which was formed to make the materials of Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy broadly avaliable and to provide Scientology and Dianetics counsellor training and pastoral counsellor services. The Church is manned by voluntary staff dedicated to helping individuals to attain spiritual freedom and create a world without war, crime or insanity. Scientolgists recognise the value of L. Ron Hubbard's gifts to mankind in developing these two disciplines and they take responsibility to ensure the purity of his work. The soundness and effectiveness of original workable technologies can be degraded by interpretations or use by untrained persons. Copyright protection has helped reduce the number of imitations of the Church's services by unscrupulous individuals who pirate works and alter procedures. Confidential (sacred) materials. A small body of L. Ron Hubbards research that concerns advanced spiritual states is held aside by the Church and not broadly distributed in the same way as the vast majority of the Church's scriptures. This work is reserved by the Church for those Scientologists who have passed through earlier spiritual levels and have a thorough understanding of the principles involved and are at a higher ethical level. All Scientologists and former members of the Chruch are aware of the sacred status of these materials and know that it is an ethical transgression of the highest order to reveal these to persons who have not been adequetely prepared or who are of low ethical calibre. This is not unlike many other Churches. Arnaldo Lerma is a former Scientologist who had disagreements with the Church. He joined Larry Wollershiem (an ex- communicated Scientologist who blamed and sued the Church) and otehr similar persons in running a computer service designed to spread negative material about Scientology to users of the Internet. Lerma and these others attacked Scientology publicly on the Internet but Lerma was not content with simply vilifying his former Church; he felt he had to publicly reveal the Church's sacred materials and he did so. Far from being a matter of <end page 1>
"free speech" this was actually an attempt to destroy by holding up its beleifs to mockery. Scientologists, bound by ethical codes to protect the integrity of the scriptures used legal means offered by copyright law and brough suits against Lerma and others who defied legal notices that they were to stop their unauthorised re-publishings. Their supporters argued in the Internet that it is permissable to violate copyright in the "public interest" or similar fancy justifications but these are nothing more than attempts to justify totally unethical (and illegal) actions. These same individuals would no doubt argue that individuals have a right to keep private information protected, yet they will trample over the rights of a religious group working dedicatedly to improve the state of individuals and societies. Protest. The Church's action against Arnaldo Lerma is one of the main reasons for today's protest, but the cries of "unfair!" are not what they seem. While the internet is making broad communication possible as never before, there is no reason why social protections such as copyright law should be thrown out as no longer being relevant. Technologies change but basic ideas of what is right and what is wrong whould not be so easily discarded. Who is accusing whom? Tony McClelland (of Cult aware) has for some time made other vicious and false charges against the Chruch and offered "assistance" to families; but in this regard I quote a letter from a young man in Brisbane who experienced the effect of such accusations and "assistance" first hand: "Tony McClelland has slanderously misused information about myself and my involvement with the Church of Scientology to make it seem that the Church of Scientology is dishonest and harmful. This was done totally without and approval from me and I have expressly asked this individual on many occasions not to publish information of slanderous or defamatory nature. "In many cases (McClelland) has gained the confidence of members of the family. I personally know of four families this individual has done this to. In each case, his interference has been detrimental to the family." A Melbourne woman wrote: "However, I can't agree with your version of CultAware's mission. CultaWare's (and McCellland's) mission is violation of the religious freedoms and civil rights of others. <end page two>
"I am an experienced teacher and grandmother of a Scientology family. My daughter and her husband are happy and enthusiastic Scientologists of many years standing. They adore their young son and care for him in the best possible ways. I was hurt and outraged when a total stranger to us attempted to interfere in our beliefs and out lives." Information THe Church of Scientology in Melbourne, as elsewhere, is open to any person who wishes to inquire about its aims and philosophy, its work and procedures and the services avaliable. If you want to clear up anything you have heard or want more information about the Church itself or its social improvement activities or about the claims made against the Church, please contact me on the number below and I will provide any information you seek, either in person or by correspondence. We live in a world which is deteriorating in many ways. Some people work to improve things. Are the others doing anything about it? Sincerely Mary Anderson Community Relations Church of Scientology, Melbourne (03) 6548970 (03) 6548655 FAX: (03) 6546460 <end page three>
Typos and grammar errors on the original document are included intact.

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