Australian Critics of Scientology
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Australia, March 1995: leaflet against Scientology

Tony McClelland

                        World wide

                                       Tony  McClelland
                                        Locked bag 1000
                                     GRANVILLE NSW 2142

  World wide demonstration about Scientology behaviour.

During this week
                New York
                East Grinstead
             Australia Saturday 18 March 1995
             In front of Scientology premises
         Brisbane       11am 2pm     106 Edward Street
         Sydney         10am 2pm     201 Castlereagh Street
         Canberra       10am 12pm    108 Bunda Street
         Melbourne      10am 2pm     44 Russell Street
         Adelaide       10am 2pm     28 Waymouth Street

A number of people are concerned about the behaviour of the
Church of Scientology.

The first introduction for many recruits is the
free personality test. This is the initial step in a
process that can branch in two directions.
     1    The recruit can work for Scientology for as
          little as $40.00 per week. This work commonly
          requires 12+ hours per day and six days per week.
     2    The recruit can remain as a member of the
          workforce and buy courses. The sum of the courses
          is $us380,000.00.
We do not focus on the cost of the course but the element
of deceptive recruiting. We are concerned about work

Because all of the works produced by the Church of
Scientology are copyright it is impossible for a recruit
to gather enough information about the Church of
Scientology to make an informed decision.

We do not focus on the course content or the belief system
but the hidden agenda. 

Mind control is a tool used by the Church of Scientology to
make recruits susceptible to their selling and controlling
processes. We believe groups that use hypnosis should be
registered and responsible for their actions.

We oppose behaviour that is reprehensible to the community.
On 18 December 1994 I received a phone call from a Brisbane
mother who had just received a distress phone call from her
     - help , help  call the Police.
The mother called the Gosford Police who drove to the site
where the son was detained and asked if he wanted to be
released. He replied yes and the Police drove him to the
Gosford Police Station. That evening the son advised me
that he had been incarcerated for 3.5 months, 2 weeks
during this time was in solitary confinement. Neither the
mother or the son are prepared to speak publically. The son
wishes to return to the Church of Scientology but the
President of the Church of Scientology in Australia advised
that parents that they would not accept him as a member
because he had been unethical. The parents had previously
written asking for a guarantee that their son would not be
accepted back to Scientology. The Gosford Police have a
record of the incident.

We are concerned about the tactics used by the Church of
Scientology in a copyright raid on the home of Dennis
Erlich in California last month. The CofS arrived with 8
people and used tactics far beyond those acceptable in a

The purpose of the demonstration is to make people aware of
the facts surrounding Scientology. We have no desire to
close down the organisation but we are most concerned that
the public has adequate information to be able to make a
fully informed decision.

We are also concerned that our legislators have not
processed laws that require groups such as this to disclose
their full agenda. We object there is a need for citizens
to warn the community about groups that are allowed to
flourish under current legislation.


Tony McClelland 

For more information contact Tony McClelland
     ph    02 682 3888
     fax   02 682 3009

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