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Picket Report, Canberra, 30/9/99.

Goombaj, Fri 01 Oct 1999

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 10:35:14 +1000
From: (Goombaj)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report, Canberra, 30/9/99.
Message-ID: <>

  Don't know if one has already been done,(or if it has, the server here
didn't pick it up).

On the 30/9/99, Fier, Xemuson and Goombaj picketed the Canberra Org from
midday to about 1:30 pm.

About 100 flyers were handed out.

The clams were pretty unresponsive, and didn't engage us in direct
conversation unless it was forced upon them.Instead, they wandered around
with a petition, asking people if they knew of any sex offenders, or
something like that.(I didn't go up for a look, so Fier or Xemuson will
have to cover for me there).
There were only 2 of them out for all of the picket, (with petitions), and
another came out towrds the end with the Dianetics leaflets, (I believe
this was the clam that wanted Fier to "Punch him in the face"  at the
first picket this year.

There were a couple of notable discussions, one with a "freezoner" of
sorts, and some guy who we thought may be a clam form oversea's.(had an
accent, told us he was trvelling, hung around us, or near where we were
picketing, and asked some strange questions:-But Fier can fill you in
here, since he talked with them the most), plus some guy who was studying
at the org came for a chat, took a flyer, but another clam coame from the
org, and took him away.(He kept the flyer for as long as I could see, but
he did spend a while chatting with the clam and the guy with the accent.
The cops went passed twice, and the second time they went passed, the gave
us a slight grin.

Overall, most people either were supportive of what we did, took a flyer,
or didn'nt give a toss.


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