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Lara (OSA) at Canberra Org

Joseph Xemuson, Thu 23 Sep 1999

From: (Joseph Xemuson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Lara (OSA) at Canberra Org
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:25:40 GMT
Message-ID: <>

G'day all,

Myself, MR Smith and Fier did a picket of the ACT Org on Friday 17th
September. It was reasonably quiet and cold but we managed to hand out
about 100 flyer on Xenu, Lisa and selected Elron quotes. When we first
showed up there was only the Ethics officer Dean Detheridge (18 year
member, not clear yet!!!) handing out his 'psychiatry kills' rubbish
and chatting occasionaly (he at least will have an intelligent
discussion, unlike his more than likely psychotic wife). However by
the end of the picket at 2pm there was Dean, Anna (D's wife), Lara
(OSA) and 3 publics. Lara attempted to get me to introvert by asking
had I read any Dianetics stuff, I said yes I had read Dianetics and
Bare Faced Messiah. She then asked me why I was picketting Co$ when
'so many people are dying and suffering' (at this point Fier pointed
out Co$ record) and I should be helping them. I give her (and all of
Co$) my answer now....

I am picketting Co$ because you are causing a lot of deaths and

Lisa just wanted help.....the Church of Scientology killed her for it.

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