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Picket, Canberra, Aust, 17/9/99

Goombaj, Fri 17 Sep 1999

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 22:53:39 +1000
From: (Goombaj)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Picket, Canberra, Aust, 17/9/99
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(Fier) wrote:

> A Leafletting day, noon-2pm as it was too windy for signs.

Perhaps the OT's were trying to deter us with a display of there powers.

  3 of us, Fier,
> Sparrow, and the uh.. Mr Smith.  The clam count fluctuated from 1 to 5, we
> quite often outnumbered them.  
> The clams gave out [double plus UN-]Freedom and more dianetics, purif
and other
> promo.  We gave out Xenu (70) Lisa (20) Why we picket (40) space alien $cam
> (um..30) and some 'Hubbard in his own words" flyers, which were all well
> recieved.  Anyone who accepted clammy propaganda went away with our side
of the
> story as well.  Half a dozen, when offerred ours, and realising they already
> had scientology flyers, either swapped outright or gave them all back to us,
> and left much happier picketters behind them.
>         A new clam was not only handing out more of the irrelevant but
> child sexual abuse warning flyers, but also had a petition going, along that
> same theme.

Maybee they thought that myself and sparrow would be stupid enough to sign it.

>         OSA photographed us all yet again (I think she has done that
every single
> picket so far)

They've probrably got more photo's of me than I do.
It's nice to know that the clams care enough to take our picture. ;)

 but we didn't pose in a group, as they do not do us any favours,
> like a promo swap or answer rational questions.  They simply attack our
> sources, discredit our collections of personal stories slander us with
> implication of child molesting (I have it on tape) and shoot themselves in
> foot in other often amusing ways.  Like for example OSA's argument that the
> court cases on the net are irrelevant "because they are old" hahaha.
>         Some interesting conversations with people today.  One man had just
> yesterday sent out a press release to the Victorian Government arguing
> the governments agreement to sell an EX-psychiatric hospital to the Narconon
> front group, and that may be printed in the Herald-Sun, he said. Good on him.
>         Another fella, who was cautious not to give out his ID, showed
us a quite
> old flyer *he just happened to be carrying with him* for Cyril Vosper's The
> Mind Benders, plus a Readers Digest 1980 article against $cn. 

Actually, it was the September 1981 issue.
He also had loads of suff in pen on both bits of paper.

He also has "a
> wheelbarrow load full" of cos in the media, and is very eager we get copies
> it all.  It became clear he doesn't like them and was most pleased to see
> others with the same viewpoint.  He doesn't have net access, but some friend
> does, so this could be a good source of more material for hmm hmm hmm, David
> Gerard, and his excellent web site woohoo
>         A student clam, who they had been protecting from us "evil,
nasty SP's"
> [sic, should be helpful friendly freedom fighters] came down and
leafletted.  I
> told him about Xenu and the body aliens, trying to save him 250,000 dollars,
> but he followed instructions and didn't respond, Ack or read the flyers.  The
> other clams rapidly converged on me, saying "don't try to stop other people
> from believing" or some such rubbish, apparently disputing my right to free
> speech within earshot of him.  He rather quickly left us and went back
into org
> to study more raisins and  stare TR's.  
>         The major culprit of slander screamed at me "GO AWAY!!" when I
continued to
> enturbulate [sic, should be enlighten] her with the space cadets of OT III,
> I can only assume she doesn't like hearing it.  Maybe a megaphone next
time :-)
>         OSA [sic, should be secret service] and Ethics Officer [sic, should
> slave master] again followed us when we called it a day, but they also ran in
> terror from the magnificent powers that brandishing a camera gives us, so we
> were able to vanish into the crowd without trouble.
>         All in all, a fun filled day for the 3 of us...not sure about
the clams
> though.

What about that guy in the black leather jacket. He started off talking to
sparrow and myself, but ended up yelling at the clams when he crossed the
street.Perhaps they said the wrong thing...

> Fier.
> ---
> "Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat
to the community; medically,morally and
> socially." -Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the
state of Victoria,Australia, 1965. 

"Mr Smith"

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