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Picket Report, Canberra 9/9/99

Goombaj, Thu 09 Sep 1999

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 16:58:38 +1000
From: (Mr Smith)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report-Canberra Org-9/9/99
Message-ID: <>

On this day, the 9/9/99, our Lord Xenu graced us with the final member of
the UnHubbardly Trimvurete.This as such, we were able wreak havoc upon the
lunchtime antics of the Canberra Org.(Or the three of us got together and
picketed the C-Org)

Back to the point.

At about midday, I met up with Hemi outside the org.We gathered our
signs,flyers, (Hemi had that flyer "The Human cost of $cientology" and
"Why I'm Picketing $cientology whie I was armed with the excellent Xemu
flyer), and walked  up and down a few few times, handing out flyers here
and there.Two handlers came out, and followed at a distance.At about
12:15, Hubbert,(can't think of anything else at this stage) showed up with
his camera, and proptly snapped a few quick photo's of us and the
clams,(They actually tried to give him one of those Pyschiatry things).At
about this time, the OSA lady appeared with here camera, and took the
requisite shots.

Hubbert then took half my flyers and we proceeded to walk around the
block.The handlers followed us but didn't engage us in any form of
conversation.We did this for an hour or so, then decided to go around city
walk.(For those not familiar with Canberra, this is basically were most of
the shops are in the city centre, and a LOT of people walk through there
during there lunch breaks ;-))
The majority of people were on our side, and there were a few good
conversations with the public, and sporadic conversation with the clams.

>From here untill we left, we either walked around the block, or darted
into City Walk.
By this stage, the clams were not impressed with our antics, and if looks
could kill, we'd have died many deaths.
Suprisingly, the clams kept thier mouths shut very weel, and only the the
OSA lady mouthed of.(I beleive she told Hemi to "F#*K off", but close, so
no-one could here)

Points of interest
-We handed out all of Hemis flyers (100 or so I think), and all but a
dozen of mine.(out of 50)
-At the longer discussions we had, the clams wouldn't come up to defend
their position.hmmmmm
-One guy actually wanted to hold my sign for a few minute, and when he
did, the OSA lady prompty took a snap of him.
-We got a photo of the signs over the Orgs sandwich boards
-Just down from the org is the Drug refferal service, and funnily enough,
they hate $cientology with a passion.(I beleive the clams have handed out
Narconon(?) flyers outside there)
-When one of the ladys we spoke to asked the Ethics guy for one of the
pamphlets on pyschiatry, he quite loudly, and rudely, said no.(If that
isn't bad PR I don't know what is)

Counter picket report.

There was no counter picket 'caus the clams don't know were I live.Hehehehe 

-€€€€ €€€€€€€

(dammit, that name of mine still wont type!!)

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