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Picket Report, Canberra Sept 2 1999

Fier, Thu 02 Sep 1999

Note: text slightly reformatted for readability.

From: (Fier)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report, Canberra Sept 2 1999
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 02:56:29 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Solo picket, midday - 1pm; My sign read "$cientology is a bait-and-switch SCAM"
and "$cientology hates free speech"  

The clam handlers no longer talk to me, as ordered by the local OSA-"babe",
even though I tried to engage them in conversation..they just didn't want to
know about space aliens..I have no idea why :-)

I walked around, giving out my 100 Lisa leaflets quickly; yes I must take more
next time...several people came up after I had run out, asking for them.  In
fact, about a third of the total I gave away came to me for one.

The clams were bringing out "drug free ambassador" signs, leaflets, even a
table and chair when I started, but they quickly moved them back into the org
when they saw me. That was strange.  They brought it all out about 30 minutes
later though, and I have a few pictures of them crowding round the table, which
was covered in their star shaped marshals badges and leaflets.

I received so many thumbs up and nods of agreement this time, it was amazing.  
One nice lady even gave me some money to put towards the costs of exposing the
cult.  Not a lot, but her thought and intention will be put to good use.
Another fella wanted badly to be photographed holding my sign, so I obliged
him..definately a budding SP, woo woo!

Someone else, as I was leaving, suggested the "$cientology KILLS" sign was much
better, and that I should use it, I agreed, and I will next time.

Their leaflets had a purif flyer inside, so I obtained some of those, from
these happy-to-take-anthing-offered passing by people, and kept them.  I have a
use for such flagarently (sp?) falsely advertising.  "the world's most
effective detoxification program" huh? we'll see about that.

The clams are getting sick of me, it's obvious.  I overheard them discussing
not only that I had "gone over the edge" and "continual outflow, just like
*all* psych patients" (hey, they don't talk, so I have to entertain them)  but
they agreed between themselves that  more effective methods are needed. (either
to handle me, or to get their message out, i wasn't sure.)

One hostile non-staff long-time clam, whom I hadn't seen counter picketting
before, ranted on about getting a Restraining Order on me, if I didn't leave
her alone.  Well, considering I was peacfully picketting, she was out there
*because I* was, and the last RO attempt by someone failed miserably, I think
her chances of getting one are nil.

Onward and Upward!! Expose $cientology for what it really is everyone, a
bait-and-switch criminal racket selling "a piece of blue sky".

I had fun, I always do.  

Bye, till next time.

Oh yes, there WILL be a next time :-)

"Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat to the
  community; medically,morally and
socially." -Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the state of
  Victoria,Australia, 1965. 

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