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Picket Report, Canberra 23 Aug 1999

Goombaj, Mon 23 Aug 1999

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Picket Report, Canberra 23 Aug 1999
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 09:16:45 GMT
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In article <>, wrote:
> Had a small picket today, 12:10pm until around 2:30pm.
> Was expecting about 6 protestors, but the big bunch didn't show
> up...fortunately, "Mr Smith" did once again, and so the 2 of us took
> the choicest signs, some Xenu and Insane Cult flyers, and began.
> Well, actually, the clams began before we did, with their propaganda,
> heh, but we soon took control of the scene, getting many thumbs up,
> and good-on-ya-Mate support.  Three different people suggested a
> petition, and that they would sign it, so that will be on the cards
> for the next one...suggestions for petition wording MOST welcome.
> We were each assigned a Familar, which shadowed us the whole time
> spouting off-topic drivel aimed at convincing us not to picket, but I
> don't think it worked, because I will be at the next one, hahaha.
> Their signs came out after about 1/2 hour, very different ones this
> time, attempting to confuse the issue no doubt, with colourful slogans
> like "Judgement day is here, Save the Worms!!" "Don't forget that
> Inflatable elephants have rights too!" and "The end of the world is
> here, but the tidal wave is still coming"  things approximately like
> that.

What about the classic "Fried Ferret Fritters", or "Five places left on
the ark" signs.:-)
mmmmmmmm  Ferret

They were pretty funny though.

> We walked round the block this time, out to a MAJOR road (Northbourne
> Ave) and then back round to the bus interchange, so that would be
> where it seems we "vanished to" :-)

Perhaps at the next picket we walk up Northbourne and other sides of
the block, and not go in front of org at all,;-),  or at least not
untill we've put in a hour or two picketing.Imagine the suprised look
on there faces when they see the picketers there and wonder how long
we've been there.

> All the clams were well behaved this time, basically no slander, no
> shoving us round; I might be wrong, but I think one or two actually
> attempted a rational conversation...maybe I was hallucinating? ;-)
> More photography by the OSA-lady, to be used for "legal reasons"
Legal reasons...
> apparently, unlike my own, which are only to laugh at.
> After Mr Smith had to leave, I continued for about 40 minutes solo
> with both signs.  I didn't even try giving out flyers then, having too
> much fun making the clams raise and lower their signs, and repeatedly
> asking who was at Cause here.
> The Police and media (2 TV stations) drove past but didn't stop.

I think the tv stations were there for the story about the three
Bars/Clubs that broke the overcrowding laws.

Hmmm that reminds me, perhaps I should get in contact with a friend of
mine who does Journolism at UC and get him to borrow a video camera for
the next picket.Lets see the clams top that.

> rang them all, but even I was expecting more protestors, so I guess we
> lost a story there, and werent breaking enough laws to interest the
> police, heheh.
> I will continue the protests here indefinately, and will visit Sydney
> to do some as well, in the not-so-distant future. I am having too much
> fun, Is a person supposed to have this much fun in one lifetime?
> Hehheheheh!!
> Bye for now.
> --
> ---
> "Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious
> threat to the community; medically, morally and socially." -Report of
> the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the state of Victoria,
> Australia, 1965.

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