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Picket Report, Canberra 23 Aug 1999

Fier, Mon 23 Aug 1999

From: Fier <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report, Canberra 23 Aug 1999
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:40:01 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Had a small picket today, 12:10pm until around 2:30pm.
Was expecting about 6 protestors, but the big bunch didn't show
up...fortunately, "Mr Smith" did once again, and so the 2 of us took
the choicest signs, some Xenu and Insane Cult flyers, and began.

Well, actually, the clams began before we did, with their propaganda,
heh, but we soon took control of the scene, getting many thumbs up,
and good-on-ya-Mate support.  Three different people suggested a
petition, and that they would sign it, so that will be on the cards
for the next one...suggestions for petition wording MOST welcome.
We were each assigned a Familar, which shadowed us the whole time
spouting off-topic drivel aimed at convincing us not to picket, but I
don't think it worked, because I will be at the next one, hahaha.

Their signs came out after about 1/2 hour, very different ones this
time, attempting to confuse the issue no doubt, with colourful slogans
like "Judgement day is here, Save the Worms!!" "Don't forget that
Inflatable elephants have rights too!" and "The end of the world is
here, but the tidal wave is still coming"  things approximately like
We walked round the block this time, out to a MAJOR road (Northbourne
Ave) and then back round to the bus interchange, so that would be
where it seems we "vanished to" :-)
All the clams were well behaved this time, basically no slander, no
shoving us round; I might be wrong, but I think one or two actually
attempted a rational conversation...maybe I was hallucinating? ;-)
More photography by the OSA-lady, to be used for "legal reasons"
apparently, unlike my own, which are only to laugh at.
After Mr Smith had to leave, I continued for about 40 minutes solo
with both signs.  I didn't even try giving out flyers then, having too
much fun making the clams raise and lower their signs, and repeatedly
asking who was at Cause here.
The Police and media (2 TV stations) drove past but didn't stop. I'd
rang them all, but even I was expecting more protestors, so I guess we
lost a story there, and werent breaking enough laws to interest the
police, heheh.

I will continue the protests here indefinately, and will visit Sydney
to do some as well, in the not-so-distant future. I am having too much
fun, Is a person supposed to have this much fun in one lifetime?

Bye for now.
"Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious
threat to the community; medically, morally and socially." -Report of
the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the state of Victoria,
Australia, 1965.

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