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Canberra, Australia - Anti-Scientology Protest

Mike K, Goombaj, Mon 23 Aug 1999

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Subject: Re: Canberra, Australia - Anti-Scientology Protest
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 07:30:56 GMT
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  "Mike K" <> wrote:
> Wandering through town at lunchtime I noticed what seemed to be an
> anti-scientology protest in Canberra.  I nipped into a record store briefly
> to buy a CD, intending to have a quick chat to the protestors a couple of
> minutes later.  Returning to the location of the protest the protesters had
> vanished, and had been replaced by three Scientologists handing out
> promotional material, including the ironically titled "Freedom" magazine.  I
> shall have a chuckle reading them tonight.
> Does anyone know who the mystery protestors were, why they vanished so
> abruptly, and if Co$ is always so eager to go into damage control?  This is
> the first time the clams have approached me, having ignored my presence many
> times in the past, but today two passed me material minutes apart.
> Mike
That Would be myself (Mr Smith), and Hemi.We
walked out the front of the Org for a while, but
ended up walking around the block a couple of
times, and then walking up the Northbourne and
interchange sides.

Mr Smith

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