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Protest Report, Canberra Org, Australia. 22/7/99

Fier, Thu 22 Jul 1999

From: (Fier)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Protest Report, Canberra Org, Australia. 22/7/99
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:59:54 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Today, Thursday 22 July, 1999, some interesting events occurred
outside the Canberra Org.
Louise and I spontaneously deceided to hand out some Xenu flyers,
and we got quite a reaction! Much more than we anticipated, but
it was still enjoyable to enturbulate the org staff in this way.
        Starting at midday, we began to hand out the flyers to
pedestrians near the cult headquarters.
Within seconds, several staff came down to attack the attackers.
They purposely got in our way,  and pushed and jostled me when I
was trying to give out my flyers, with the classic "read what
scientology doesn't want you know" line.  We had no signs, as
this was a spontaneous protest, but we had no trouble in giving
out the 50 flyers we'd printed. 
        Soon after we began, the troops of staff came down and
started to give out "what is scientology" pamphlets.  The
majority of people were happy to get both sides of the story
        The Ethics officer verbally abused me again and again,
with very sly libelous comments to me, like "have you fucked any
sheep lately?" "How do you screw the sheep, Hemi, from behind?"
He called me a child molester, and a turncoat SP.
        To the passerbys, he loudly asked them things like "Did
you know your tax-payer dollars have been supporting this guy for
5 years?" - yet another definately untrue statement, I was in
University in 94, 95, and 97, and have had several jobs in this
        A fanatical "public" scientologist also joined in the
free-for-all-attack on myself and Louise.  All of them eyeballed
us from 3-6 inches away while asking foolish questions, and this
public fellow repeatedly requested I hit him in the face.
If there wasn't a law against it, I would have been happy to
oblige, hehe.
        One rather unfriendly staff member, after I asked her if
she knew about Xenu and that Hubbard married bigamously, screamed
at me "I'll punch you in the head if you tell me stuff like
that!!!" - to which I smirked and said "Go right ahead."
        Louise and I were outnumbered 12 to 2, and even the sole
supervisor, sole word-clearer and sole receptionist were handing
out the cult propaganda.
        I had worked with these people, for close to a year, and
I still consider myself friends with any who be friendly to me,
yet how quickly they forget, how quickly they conclude I am and
always have been an SP.
        There were several supportive people, and this one I have
to tell ya about, it's a classic.  I saw this Arab gentleman had
been given some cult promo, so I dodged the clams and finally
reached him, giving him the Xenu flyer.  He wanted it..he told me
he'd heard about this cult and it's antics, so then he gave the
cult promo back to the clam, saying 'I prefer the flyer, it's
likely to be more believable'  I laughed and laughed for several
minutes, thinking that was hilarious.
        The ethics officer was getting on my nerves, with his
sheep libel, (my mom's was a New Zealander) so I jumped onto a
bus (The Org is 4 metres from a major bus interchange) and gave
the driver a flyer.
It was pulling out, otherwise I'd have given all the passengers
one too.
        Staff of the comic shop right below the org were amused,
and readily took flyers even with all the clammies running round
telling people nasty things about us.
        Louise took a few photographs, but ran outa film, so she
isn't in any of them.  
        Sea Org FBO fella was following us around taking
photographs, and I happily obliged his request to hold the flyer
up for his next shot.  I suppose those pics will be sent to all
the orgs, warning of a new outbreak of mad-SP-disease in the
        Yes, they *did* ask who was paying us to do this, and
next time, I think I'll say "a psychiatrist, actually".
        After we'd exhausted our small supply of flyers, we went
to a coffee shop, and so did the fanatic public who was hassling
us earlier.. He wanted to hang round with us for the rest of the
day, he said. So the now 3 of us had a nice coffee, and we kept
asking this scieno which flyer should we use next time..and
displayed the Lisa one, the Insane Cult one, and the Space-Alien
scam one, but he tried hard not to look at them, all the while
saying we couldn't affect his solid belief in scientology.  Ahh
well, we tried.
        Oh yeah, that nasty ethics officer several times asked me
if I'd mind if they posted my overt writeups on the net, and
threatened to do so..but I just said "Go right ahead, Dean, go
right ahead" - I am not blackmailable at all.
        At 2:00pm (stat time) the DSA gave me a letter from their
lawyers, and i'll post separate on that one.
        We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves, and will have some
media prepped for the next one, if there is one, as well as signs

"Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat to the
  community; medically,
morally and socially." -Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology for the
  state of Victoria,
Australia, 1965. 

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