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Melbourne Dec 6th - quick report

David Gerard, Sat 06 Dec 1997

Subject: Melbourne Dec 6th - quick report
From: (David Gerard)
Date: 1997/12/06
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Seven demonstrators (me, Frank, Cyril Vosper, four others of no particular name), six or seven Scientologist counter-demonstrators. Three signs for us (one with "SCIENTOLOGY HURTS PEOPLE" and "IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION"; one with "ANTI-SCIENTOLOGY DEMO" on both sides; one with "Scientology KILLS" and "scientology CULT of GREED and POWER" ... they really hated 'Scientology Kills' ;-), three for them (stuff about Internet copyright theft, freedom of religion, "When we can trust each other" LRH) which they just stood up against the wall of the Org. Our leaflets were the one I posted before and Roland's new NY Times Lisa flyer; theirs were a photocopied fax (presumably standard worldwide) and the good old 'PUBLIC WARNING' leaflet. Tim Jones (public Scientologist, OT 5, who posted a bit to a.r.s last year) showed up too! He's alive and well; still in the CoS; we had a nice chat. Not a lot of leaflets shifted (probably about a hundred), but a lot of toots and thumbs-up from passing cars. A fuller report will follow, from several of those present. Got pics too.

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