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Picket report: Sydney, 7th Dec

Zed, Fri 06 Dec 1996

From: (Frank Copeland)
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Subject: Re: Picket Report: Melbourne, March 15th 1997
Date: 17 Mar 1997 01:31:32 GMT
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On 16 Mar 1997 10:24:33 GMT, David Gerard wrote:
: The foot traffic was considerably up this time. A lot of 
: nicely-dressed people came by with name-tags and took our 
: leaflets and theirs. After a while Cyril found out who they 
: were: psychiatrists gathering across the street! (The 
: launch of a new anti-depressant; science hammers another 
: nail in Scientology's coffin.) Which explained the 
: Scientologists' hastily-scribbled (and hard to read close-
: up, let alone across the street) anti-psychiatry signs.

I don't think David does justice to the sheer comedy of this incident. 
Imagine a quiet picket, me on the corner, a couple of counter-picketers
further up the street. A few small groups of well-dressed people start to
walk past. They seem pleased to see me, and take all my leaflets. Someone
says "Hey, they're on our side", which puzzles me a bit. Then one of them
tells me "there's a hundred psychiatrists coming up the street in a few
minutes" and indeed they do, in a solid mass. I go back for the last of the
leaflets, and me and Cyril hand them out. Reinforcements from the org
scuttle across the street and furiously hand out their leaflets. The clams
seem to have no idea who these people are, but from the looks on their faces
when it is all over, the penny must have dropped in the end. 

It was classic.

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