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Sydney Demos 6-7 September 1996 Photos

All images are self-linked GIFs.

[thuglike person - 52K GIF]

1. A Friday evening shot of the bouncer looking fellow who was kind enough on the Saturday afternoon to ask myself and Eric Rose what the police would find when searching our homes that afternoon. What a charmer.

['How many patients in psych hospitals has Gerard had SEX with?' - 22K GIF][street corner - 27K GIF]

2.. My own personal slander! How ... heartwarming it is. The advertising genii of the CoS will have John Singleton giving up in shame. (This shot also shows the CultAware: Serpent of Fear and Death T-shirts the counter-demonstrators were wearing.)

3. A street corner-load of entertainment (south-west corner of Castlereagh and Park Streets, Sydney), Saturday afternoon.

[death stare - 19K GIF]

4. Stuart Riley (left) being given the Death Stare by the Scientologist moron (right) who had tried to rip Tony's sign off the evening before.

[Demonstrations against Scientology]