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Another CofS win! McClelland arrested again!

Tony McClelland, Fri 17 May 1996

From: (Tony McClelland)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Another CofS win! McClelland arrested again!
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 23:08:17 GMT
Message-ID: <4nj4cl$>

The CofS had a major recruiting drive at the State 
Theatre in Sydney. The CofS claimed 2,000 citizens attended.

After approximately 1 ½ hour into the demonstration
the NSW Police arrived and asked me to go away. They
had received a significant number of complaints from the
CofS about me disrupting pedestrian traffic on the footpath and 
carrying an offensive sign. I declined their invitation pointing 
out that the claims of obstruction were inaccurate and that 
I had Police approval for the demonstration.

The Police asked for my permit. They complained that I only had a
photo copy. I advised that I do not carry originals during a 
demonstration because my pockets are picked, for example 200
leaflets were stolen from my pocket last night. 

Next, things took a turn for the worse, the Police phoned head office
and they were not able to find the Police copy of my permit. I was
then put into the back of the Police paddy waggon and taken to the 
Day Street Station. On arrival the Police noticed that the permit 
had 3 dates, one of them 1995. I was then accused of forging the 
permit and that I had to wait until they decided to lock me up for the
night or to release me. The Police disappointed me when they suggested
that my activity was unfair the CofS, I believe they should be
Tempers started to fray at this point and I advised that it was not my
fault that the NSW Police cannot type the year accurately or have
such an inefficient filing system that they cannot find a copy of a
issued 2 days previously. I advised that if they did not piss me off
any more than they already had, I would purchase them a filing cabinet
 for Christmas so they can keep their records accurately.

After approximately 1 ½ hours the Police decided to give me 
"the benefit of the doubt" and release me and advised I was 
free to leave. Another dispute emerged when I advised they
chose to arrest me and drive me away from the demonstration
and I expected them to return me. We eventually compromised
and the Police drove me 1/3 and I walked 2/3 of the distance.

Then back to complete the demonstration. In all, I only handed out 
200 leaflets and I was interested to see a Scientologist inside the 
Theatre taking leaflets from members before they had a chance 
to read the information. This flies in the face of my aim to provide
leaflets so an informed decision can be made.

The evening was less than riveting, I was pushed, abused, pocket
threatened and 3 serious attempts were made to destroy or remove 
my sandwich board. Tempers were extremely frayed and I was
to observe some very irrational behaviour.

By 11.15pm I decided it was time to depart. I 
was followed to my car approximately 1 kilometer away.


Tony McClelland

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