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A win for Scientology in Australia - McClelland arrested

Tony McClelland, Sat 04 May 1996

From: (Tony McClelland)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: A win for Scientology in Australia - McClelland arrested
Date: Sat, 04 May 1996 23:53:55 GMT
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Sister Clara <> wrote:

>In article <4mbbb6$>
> (Tony McClelland) wrote:

>> I was the sole demonstrator and I carried a sandwich board
>> reading
>>              A
>>      TRICK?
>> I handed out 200 leaflets until I was forcefully arrested and
>> taken to George Street Police station. When I was released
>> and advised the Police that I was returning to continue
>> my demonstration they confiscated my sandwich board.
>> The police claimed that they had received a very large
>> number of complaints about my presence.

>On what grounds were you arrested, Tony? Has it now become illegal to
>demonstrate in Australia? What has the number of complaints to do with this?
>It sounds to me like the police were abusing their powers in this case.

The Police claimed that I was disturbing the peace. I argued that I am

most careful no to be impolite or to use force, conversely I was
,abused, called f### on numerous occasions, and worse, and 
pushed and on occasion carried away from "hot spots" by 

I asked the Police, how I caused the disturbance and I was advised
"you were carrying a sign
        Scientology, A, Confidence, Trick? (4 lines)"

I future I will change the sign to read
        A, Confidence, Trick? Scientology (4 lines)

I received considerable abuse from some of the public
who thought I was advertising for Scientology and yet 
again I made the mistake of using the "S" word first

I do not accept that I was disturbing the peace.

It seems that In Australia, the Politicians, Police and the Media
fear the power of the abusive CofS.

I still believe that a solo demonstrator beats the hell out of zero.


Tony McClelland
>For goodness' sake, one individual carrying a sandwich board and some
>leaflets is reckoned to intimidate 1000 people?

>You must be a mighty powerful thetan, Tony, if you scare so many
>Scientologists to that extent. I think it is time to contact the Australian
>equivalent of the ACLU as I think your civil liberties have been grossly
>violated by the police.

>Sister Clara - SP4 - Magpie - LoX

>Little Sisters of the Perpetually Juicy
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