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A win for Scientology in Australia - McClelland arrested

Tony McClelland, Fri 22 Mar 1996

From: (Tony McClelland)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: A win for Scientology in Australia - McClelland arrested
Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 20:59:50 GMT
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Last night Thursday 2 May the CofS held an
official opening of a volcano in George Street, 
in the centre of Sydney. The volcano is huge and
the CofS refers to it as Sydney's new landmark.

Nancy Cartwright from the Simpsons was the main
celebrity in attendance. Police estimates of the crowd 
in the street were 5,000, however, I estimate little
more than 1,000.

I was the sole demonstrator and I carried a sandwich board
I handed out 200 leaflets until I was forcefully arrested and
taken to George Street Police station. When I was released
and advised the Police that I was returning to continue
my demonstration they confiscated my sandwich board.
The police claimed that they had received a very large
number of complaints about my presence.

On the way home I was followed by a uniformed and badged
CofS security guard.

I am disappointed that I was arrested because I consider this to
be a restriction of free speech.

A copy of the leaflet follows

Is Scientology
confidence trick? 
Macquarie Dictionary 2nd revised edition.
Confidence trick
        /'-trik/, n. a swindle in which the victim's 
        confidence is gained and he is then induced to 
        part with money or property. Also, US., 
        confidence game. - confidence trickster, n.

Scientology engages in the following:

Deceptive recruiting.
        The Church of Scientology advertises under 
        front names. eg. In the 9 to 5 Magazine 
        Scientology advertised their OSA test under the 
        name "The       Sydney Test Centre". advertisements for an IQ test 
        have used the Scientology phone number and 
        no name. Copy available on request.
        The Church of Scientology has a large number 
        of front names. Copy available on request.

Hidden agenda
        The Church of Scientology scriptures are 
        subject to copyright protection and trade 
        secrets of the Church. . This is legal but it 
        unfortunately prevents an informed decision by 
        a recruit.      The price list for all courses is 
        almost  $500,000.00, Copy available on 
        request. The CofS has a division called 
        Rehabilitation Project Force that is used for 
        discipline, Copy available on request.  Also the 
        Introspection Rundown for the incarceration of 
        a member suffering a Psychotic breakdown 
        while receiving sources, Copy available 
        on request. A recruit is not able to research this 
        information before joining.

Mind control.
        The CofS uses mind control including hypnosis 
        on recruits, Page 115 - 118 The Anderson 

Reprehensible behaviour.
        Incarceration of members with mental 
        disturbance. (see Introspection Rundown 
        Damage to family relationships. Copy of policy 
        document available on request.

For additional information write
Locked Bag 1000
Granville NSW 2142


Tony McClelland

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