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Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.

"Two-Dogs", Sun 24 Mar 1996

From: Two-Dogs <>
Subject: Re: Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.
Date: 24 Mar 1996 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <4j2vii$>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology (Andrew Milne) wrote:
>David Gerard's "demo" outside the Church of Scientology in Melbourne, was,
>like those last week in the US, a flop with minimal turnout -- at most
>about half the "high point" of last year when they scrambled up to about
>15 through extraordinary efforts.  
>* They handed out a leaflet which nobody was really interested in and 
>most people dumped in the trash soon after. People were much more 
>interested in the Freedoms that were handed out.
>* For most of the time there were only about 3 people there. A few 
>stragglers came and went. 

Who TOLD you? Are you making up this, or are the Melbourne Co$ lying?
(PS: I saw the demo, and I'm afraid you are mistaken. Get the Melbourne Co$
to report, or do you control them utterly?


Meanwhile, back at the newsgroup, the name calling was growing vicious.
Bashers posted affidavits from former Scientologists alleging corruption;
Scientologists countered with affidavits alleging that the authors were
known criminals.


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