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Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.

TarlaStar, Fri 22 Mar 1996

From: (TarlaStar)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 12:26:22 GMT
Message-ID: <4iu4g3$> (Andrew Milne) wrote:

>Anthony Fore ( wrote:

>: I wasn't able to stay at the demo, but I was able to drive past a few
>: times, park in the car oppposite to have a good look at both lots and
>: walk past a few times, get some of the demo leaflets and a copy or two
>: of a glossy Freedom mag. I can post extracts here to prove it and I
>: can give you a good description of cos and non cos people.  

>Well, you have posted your own interpretation of what you saw and that's 
>fine. But frankly, given all the hoohah about these demos, they turned 
>out to be an utter non-event. Instead of standing outside our churches 
>looking rather silly, the demonstrators -- I mean the hangers-on, not the 
>rabid ones -- would do better to visit an actual Church of Scientology or 
>speak to a real Scientologist and find out what they are like. Because 
>every time one of our staff talks to them, it is obvious they know 
>nothing about Scientology. Most are just there out of curiosity of 
>because they were persuaded to come along.

How do you know, Andy? Where you in Melbourne or are you just spewing
what your handlers have given you, once more? Oh...I know! You
EXTERIORIZED, didn't you? What color was David's shirt?

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