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Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.

"Anthony Fore", Wed 20 Mar 1996

From: (Anthony Fore)
Subject: Re: Melbourne "Demo" also a flop.
Date: 20 Mar 1996 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <4ip1ns$1879@news.unimelb.EDU.AU>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology (Andrew Milne) wrote:

>Anthony Fore ( wrote:

>: I wasn't able to stay at the demo, but I was able to drive past a few
>: times, park in the car oppposite to have a good look at both lots and
>: walk past a few times, get some of the demo leaflets and a copy or two
>: of a glossy Freedom mag. I can post extracts here to prove it and I
>: can give you a good description of cos and non cos people.  

>Well, you have posted your own interpretation of what you saw and that's 

I'm pretty tolerant of different perceptions like you, but in this
case we can't both be right.  Was it three (3) people or 6 six hard
core plus 8 or so comming and going.  I was there you weren't.  Could
it be that your Melbourne people are fibbing to you about numbers?
The pictures in their cameras should give a good count.  Most
paassersby weren't to happy about being photographed, not good pr.

If your melbourne people fibbed about the numbers to you maybe they
are fibbing about other things too - had the books audited lately for
any ghosting on the payroll?

Why don't you let one of the Melb. cos people post directly here
themselves?  Get a bit of the local flavor. Y'know we don't like to
see that our views get filtererd by the Disney/coca-cola mindset.  Get
a melb. cos person to post in the interests of cultural relevance and
to show respect for our country. 

A low level scientologist, with a computer, told me once that people
post viruses thru this newsgroup, so it is too dangerous to read.
Aside from Koos and Homer I haven't had any trouble yet.

>But frankly, given all the hoohah about these demos, they turned 
>out to be an utter non-event. Instead of standing outside our churches 
>looking rather silly, the demonstrators -- I mean the hangers-on, not the 
>rabid ones --

Am I rabid or a hanger on?

>would do better to visit an actual Church of Scientology or 
>speak to a real Scientologist and find out what they are like. 

I have often visited, taken the test once and often talked to
scientologists.  The low level ones are all right except for the blind
spot about anyhting scientology.  Can't really get to talk about it.
Bad for case etc.

>Because >every time one of our staff talks to them, it is obvious they know 
>nothing about Scientology. 

I know more about scientology than most scientologists I have met.  I
don't claim to have spent hours in auditing, or in the organisation,
but then i don't want to.  Same with the catholics, i know more than
most catholics about there church, and, BTW, if there was a discussion
about one of their cults*Opus Dei* I'd be in like Flynn.

>Most are just there out of curiosity of 
>because they were persuaded to come along.

No - most go along because of the actions of the cos people in
atempting to silence critics and hide the real beliefs of cos from new
recruits in order to charge big $ to have scriptures revealed by

No guru, no method, no teacher
"When I cleaned up my diction, I had nothing left to say"

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