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Next worldwide demo: Saturday MARCH 9th! (RFC)

David Gerard, 30 Jan 1996

From: David Gerard <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Next worldwide demo: Saturday MARCH 9th! (RFC)
Date: 30 Jan 1996 06:32:13 GMT
Message-ID: <4eke1d$>

Request for Comment: A.R.S Day, March 9th 1996

OK. The next set of anti-CoS demos in Australia will be on
Saturday March 9th, 1996. Russell Street CoS, as per usual.

With five weeks to organise it, we should have better signs,
better leaflets and more people there ... and make *sure*
the local media are on the case. I should have some sorta
workable Web page by then too.

(I particularly want to put some quotes from 'Kangaroo
Court' on a leaflet. Let the public know this is what the
Church thinks of them.)

The rest of the world should consider their local options.
I think March 9th sounds like a lovely day for a demonstration.

Sep 9th was Auditor's Day. March 9th can be A.R.S. DAY!!!

How sweet it is!

If y'r a Melbourne person and want to keep informed, please
email me at  or at the above
address. Bring your friends!

Just got an emailed copy of the Introspection Rundown --
please don't send any more.

-- David Gerard
   a.r.s.c.c. Chair, February 1996

[Entire text of September 1995 demo announcement included here.]
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