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Australian demo for - Arnie, Lawrence & Bob

Tony McClelland, Sat 09 Sep 1995

From: (Tony McClelland)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Australian demo for - Arnie, Lawrence & Bob
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 1995 04:28:27 GMT
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Some Australian demonstrations.

a)      Seven people arrived at 10am and departed at 1pm.
b)      Approximately 600 leaflets were distributed.
c)      Say 80% of the public were very supportive, 19% nonchalant
        and 1% negative towards us.
d)      About 1.5 Scienos were allocated to shadow each 
        demonstrator and to distribute Scientology leaflets.
e)      We repeated the mistake from the last demonstration and
        used the word Scientology in large type at the top of our body boards
         A number of supporters thought we were Scientologists.
        We found it useful to use the word "against" or "anti"
        Scientology and the people supported us immediately.
f)      I was embarrassed for the Scienos when a number of occasions
        a member of the public made extremely unkind remarks about
        the CofS.
g)      The tone was pleasant nearly all the time, and a pleasant 
        attitude was encouraged by both sides.
h)    I advised  the head shadow that we will return shortly after the

        next raid on an ars contributor or any reprehensible action by the      
i)      I believe that a significant amount of awareness was spread
        to the community but I was disappointed with the absence of  media 

        Two people demonstrated outside the ORG in Brisbane.
        Similar result to Sydney except the 2 demonstrators had 
        4 Scieno shadows.

        Two demonstrators handed leaflets at a location some distance 
        from the ORG.

Melbourne, Canberra and Perth reports will be submitted by others.


Tony McClelland

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