Australian Critics of Scientology
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March 1995 Demo Reports

posted by Tony McClelland to a.r.s

CofS to sue McClelland

Australians demonstrated outside Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide Orgs.

Adelaide demonstration was closed down after the CofS called the Council who removed the demonstrator.

The Law Officer from the Sydney Council declined to removed me when he arrived at the scene to investigate the complaint by the CofS.

Mrs V Hanna the Australian manager of the CofS spent approximately an hour on the street talking with me and later my wife. Mrs Hanna objected to the leaflet we were distributing She advised that the claim that Scientologists are paid $40.00 per week is inaccurate. She did not dispute any other facts on the leaflet.

(the information for the claim I made came from a recent court case. The statement was made by the CofS solicitor. They lost - vexatious and frivolous. Mrs Hanna said the Scientologist was only paid $40.00 that week and in addition the Scn received food and board. I asked if she would advise the court that they had lied yet again. She advised no. I asked why the Scientologist had not paid her judgement. Mrs Hanna advised that she did not agree with the decision. It seems the CofS uses courts and law if it suits or they win - if they do not - poor decision, CofS does not obey)

Obviously I read checked and re-checked the document before distribution. Since yesterday with a further check the only error I could find was the inaccurate spelling of Dennis Erlich's name (apologies Dennis).

Mrs Hanna advised the CofS will take legal action against me.

I guess the good news is - this will be a good public forum to air the full facts about the Gosford Kidnapping under court oath. The Gosford case was referred to on the leaflet.

Australian demonstration

A very small number of Australians demonstrated outside Org's in

The demonstration and after thoughts:

The demonstration was initiated to protest the action taken against Dennis Erlich in the USA and leveraged following the CofS investigation of my past from birth - after my release of the Gosford Kidnapping story on the Internet.

The number of demonstrators ranged from 1 to 6.

The small number of demonstrators was not sufficient to attract significant media coverage.

A demonstration with one person is worth while. The resulting awareness is effective.

I was very surprised at the large number of people who advised they did not want a leaflet because they (strongly) agreed with us.

The response to the demonstration was:

The Sydney team handed out 500 leaflets.

Somebody stole 100 leaflets in a rubber band from my bag. I like it! Good one! Yes - I do have a sense of humour.

The only criticism we received, apart from members of the CofS was --- why have you not demonstrated before????


Demonstration problem:

All the sandwich boards hanging from our necks were something like

Scientology   ]Scientology   ]Scientology   ]Scientology etc
is            ]is            ]              ]
a             ]a             ]              ]
Wealth        ]Health        ]Cult of       ]Free test
Hazard        ]Hazard        ]Greed         ]$us 380,000.00
A small but significant number of people were initially hostile to us because they read Scientology and thought we were supporters of Scientology.

Suggestions for improvements - Please!!! Must not have Scientology at the top - must be approximately 4 words or less.


The result was worth the effort. The legal action to be taken against me has to be measured against the need to inform the public so citizens are able to make an informed decision about the CofS BEFORE joining.

Should educate 1.5m in Australia

One Scientologist came to me protesting my use of the word exploitive cult.

He insisted that nothing in the CofS was dynamite.

After several minutes I was still explaining the difference between explosion (bang) and exploitive (take advantage)

Purification Rundown

One Scientologist explained to my daughter the benefits of the Purification Rundown. He detailed the medical benefits.

My daughter asked a number of questions - no to all.

My daughter has 10 years medical training and is a trainee physician (one of the difficult posts for doctors to enter in Australia) and the sad outcome was that the Scientologist did not know enough to know that he did not know anything.

When is our government going to bring responsibility into the activities of this group?

Thank you Internet Melbourne

One of the Melbourne demonstrators volunteered from the Internet.

Apparently he is articulate, intelligent and outstanding.

Adelaide heroine!!!

Sue Page is my heroine.

She demonstrated solo in Adelaide until ordered off the track by the Adelaide Council

Congratulations for your courage Sue.


Tony McClelland

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