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Australia: Sydney picket Fri 11 Feb 2000

Anonymous, Wed 15 Feb 2000

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Subject: Australia: Sydney picket Fri 11 Feb 2000
Date: 20 Feb 2000 23:10:58 GMT
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On Friday 11 February 2000, there was picket of the Castlereigh St Org in
Sydney.Four picketers began waving placards at lunchtime. The culties
responded by videotaping the picketers. The Castlereigh St Org called the
the sea org who are only a few minutes drive a away to give assistance. The
Scientologists waved anti psychiatry placards and gave out their promo.
Some people passing by told the anti Scientology picketers to keep up the
good work and one gentleman said '' its about time someone did something
about them.'' One other fellow said the Scientologists are crackpots.The
picket finished after 2 pm.

"It is more than possible to be a member of a sub-culture, a different and
'outside the box' thinker who's dealt with the hardships of being different and
other people's scorn and *still* be an intolerant fuckwit."  (Morgan Jaffit)

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