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Picket report, 28 Jan 00, Canberra Aust.

Fier, Fri 28 Jan 2000

From: Fier <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket report, 28 Jan 00, Canberra Aust.
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 19:09:25 +1100
Message-ID: <>

Greetings everyone,
        Wandering around today, I noticed some Sea Ogres out with
clipboards, trying to find suckers.
It got to me, that these people practice Fraud and misrepresentation
right on my doorstep, so to speak, so I spontaneously decided to do a
picket.  Returning home (4 mins walk) I got the signs and leaflets,
and my Mom wanted to come as well, waa hoo.  She is really wonderful,
and isn't afraid of the death stares or pneumonia, or anything else
this cult uses in it's crusade to defraud the planet.  Over 62 years
young and still going strong!

Together we wandered the street, handing out what leaflets we had
lying around - Some Lisa flyers, Space Alien $cam and some other one.
We each had a sign, and these will appear in the numerous photographs
taken, which will be put on the websites:  and  soon.

The 2 Sea Ogres were very nice girls, young, uniformed and pretty.   I
did get to say a few words with one - mainly to request she look on
the web for the truth, and that the church isn't going to let her know
what's really going on.

One great older gentleman found it amazing and an excellent example of
Democracy and free speech, that the Church of Scientologists and the
demonstrators were getting along reasonably well, and handing out
leaflets beside each other.  I never thought of it that way, and it
was a good example of our free country.

Together, we were congratulated  ' good work for doing something about
them' or 'well done, keep it up' a wonderful 8 or 10 times.  It was
excellent.  Many people declined the Ronbot leaflets but requested
ours, that is also uplifting.  And the OSA continues to ask me WHY DO
Well, she will learn one day - perhaps when she listens to what we
have been saying, over and over.

We picketed from 3:15pm until 4pm, when we ran out of leaflets and
called it a day.
Not a single raw Meat(tm) entered the cult HQ during the picket, but
scores of them found out something they didn't know about this
criminally convicted scam in their midst.

I enjoyed the picket, and so did my Mother, who, when asked by a
Ronbot "How long are you down here (Canberra) for?"  She replied "As
long as it takes."

Stay tuned for future Exposing actions from me and the local SP

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