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Letter from me to Deputy Vice-Chancellor

14th December 1995


To: Prof Ian D Rae, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

From: David Gerard, SRC

Date: 14 December 1995

Subject: Access to Internet by David Gerard

My personal Internet account is with Suburbia Global Public Access, a public-access provider based in Melbourne.

My email address is and my World Wide Web Home Page is .

IT & S should already have had these details from a memo we sent them in previous dealings on this issue (after they said that they could not get in touch with me, I gave them a list of every possible method).

Before paying for the account, I asked Suburbia for their views on postings critical of Scientology, explaining the situation and the reactions of the Church of Scientology to any critical posting; the system administrator, Julian Assange, replied that, providing the posts were not of an illegal nature, he was happy for me to post such, and also put up a Web page on the subject (as you will see if you access the Web page); and that Suburbia has a policy of encouraging free speech on controversial issues such as this.

We wish the VUT access restored as soon as possible, as I hope to work on World Wide Web pages for the SRC over the summer, to be ready in time for the start of first semester, as part of my position as 1996 Media Officer.

I hope this provides the information you require.


David Gerard