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Letter to Information Technology department

23rd August 1995

A paper letter given to the person from the IT department at our meeting of 23rd August 1995 (along with about a hundred pages of printouts of Web pages on Scientology): every possible way to get in touch with me (after their claim that they were utterly unable to contact me ... even though over the weekend in question, there were people in the office 24 hours a day from Thursday until Monday ...). Roberta Picton (my Head of Department at the time) went to the meeting with me.

23rd August 1995

[name deleted],

here are printouts of Web pages showing my position. Relevant passages are underlined or circled in red. The URL for each page is at the top of the first sheet.

If you wish to get in touch with me, it isn't really that hard. Please do so before pulling accounts:

Telephone: x4856, x4071. There is someone here more hours than not. If a reasonable attempt to leave a message here was being made since last Thursday, it was extremely bad luck to have consistently missed us each and every time.

Home telephone: **** ****. I am there infrequently (every two or three days), but it's good for messages.

Alternate telephone: **** **** -- only for emergencies and urgent matters (such as this).

Email: (when it's not locked) -- I check this account daily. No mail was received at it from I.T. up until Monday night (11pm), which was my last access.

Alternate email: -- I check this account every two or three days.

I don't have a personal Banyan account for my SRC functions; I read email via cougar (or suburbia).

Hope this info is what you need. If you need more, please try all five of the above to get in touch with me (keep this letter on file). I'm really not that hard to track down.

I am presently corresponding (via e-mail on cougar) with CultAware, a Sydney-based anti-cult group, in order to obtain hard-copy materials (certified court documents and suchlike) documenting the assertions I am herein making. This is a slow process, but should (when complete) give I.T. all the legal backup materials it could need.



David Gerard.

I have read the materials David is giving you attached to this letter in support of his case. His Internet access is used for many of his SRC functions on a daily basis. We would like it to proceed unencumbered. If you have concerns, please contact myself and David at the SRC before proceeding.


Roberta Picton
SRC President.