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Bad Squirrels

The Squirrel, alt.religion.scientology, 06 Jul 1994

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From: (The Squirrel)
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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 1994 15:11:24 UTC
Subject: Bad Squirrels

This one should make you laugh - it's a stunt I pulled in 1989 when I first got started in my Scientology annoying career.

Well, I'd spent some time acquiring materials from my local Org, who happily was chucking out plenty of great stuff, like course materials, HCOPL's, Guardians Office edicts, knowledge reports, old PC files, promotional materials, certificates - hell, I coulda start my OWN Org with this stuff.

Anyway, I looked and picked the cream out and compiled it into a dossier with a genuine gov't TOP SECRET folder and a nice covering letter that was a report on Scn here in Oz (Which I happened to laser up on specially made up coloured imprint paper. Nice Stuff.

Then I waltzed into the AO in Sydney with the folder in a bag, and asked to see the security guy, announcing I had secret materials.

I got escorted to a room and sat down and explained I was a gov't archives clerk to this guy who was all ears. I told him this long winded story of how I was moving files and saw this one and I thought how bad it was Scn was being suppressed. Told him I couldn't let it out of my sight (I had to sneak it back the next day) so if he wanted to read it, he had to do it with me watching - and he did. Now, what does one conclude, when you see application forms, certificates of clear, sunshine rundown, sea-org contracts, funny HCOPLS like sec checks, GO documents, SP declares, uncashed Saint Hill cheques - you know, all the kind of stuff EVERYBODY finds in the trash?

He was PROFOUNDLY interested, and I hightailed it outa there a half hour later with a big grin on my face. I'd pre-called the standard Org in Sydney and told them I wanted to reveal heaps, so I guess this guy had a lot of explaining to do to someone.

I was happy. My best gag yet. Now I've been more informed, I'm convinced I was STUPID at the time to do it, as I haven't the nerve to do it now! But I'll think of something.

I've mentioned previously I've been in every Org here in Oz. I don't know about elsewhere, but they're all old buildings with a basement (although the Brisbane one was a terrible place), and at least 2 or 3 floors, usually the public floor at ground and usually raised by staircase off the street.

Let me give you all a tip for having a good time. Go in to do the test (I've done it about 10 times now), and after 5 minutes, say you really need a leak. You'll get told where the bog is and you'll be able to have a bit of a wander, like, getting lost on the way, wrong floor and stuff like that. You get to see all sorts of wierd crap going on. It's great.

I've sent my SNoTS disks to most of the Oz Orgs, to some poor unsuspecting 'terminal' with an accompanying letter printed on LRH339R stationery. Fun stuff. No-one knows what they're going to get!

Unfortunately, all my Scn stuff, about 100 kilos of it, is in storage. All have is a few books to work with. You just wait until I get the good gear out and start typing up some GO/OSA stuff and some course materials!

Anybody sat around watching those really great videos and films? What a great way to waste a few hours!

Actually, I'm waiting for some knowledgeable Scientologist to explain to me why Elron suggested that PSYCHIATRISTS should learn and use Dianetics? But not holding my breath, as so far I've been ignored by them totally. Well, I ain't on speaking terms anyhow, so what the heck ...

The Squirrel
[Psychiatric Patient]

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