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Melbourne Demo against Scientology, December 1996

All pics are self-linked JPEGs.

Photos by David Gerard and Cyril Vosper.

[Melbourne Org out front 1 - 16K JPEG][out front 2 - 20K JPEG]

1, 2.Out the front of the Melbourne org (shots from centre of Russell Street). First shot is Frank, Barbara and Cyril, second shot is Barbara, Frank and David with Brian Johnston looking across the side-street (Flinders Lane).

[Brian Johnston - 10K JPEG]

3.Brian Johnston, roving researcher for the Church, in more detail.

[down the street - 21K JPEG]

4. Barbara, David and some nice signs. (This shot is looking south down Russell Street.)

[Mary Anderson - 9K JPEG][pseudo-priest - 9K JPEG]

5.. The Rev Mary Anderson, community relations person for the Melbourne org, taking a pic of two of their folk, slightly north of the Org on the same side of Russell Street. (She did come and shove the lens up our noses too.)

6. A shot something like Mary Anderson would have been taking: their guy (in fancy dress to fool the w*gs) and one of their leafleters.

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